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Spiritualism Books

Archangels, A Pocket Reference Book

This is an ideal simple little go to reference book, listing and detailing the powerful Archangels who are always ready to answer your requests, using their immense wisdom and love for mankind to provide help, support, healing, guidance and protection. Use this guide to choose which divine Archangel you wish to communicate with, who would be most beneficial for your specific requests and through their radiance and graceful help, change your life for the better. And thank you to the angels who have drawn your attentioin to this book.

Angel Signs, A Pocket Reference Book

This little book provides a quick and simple reference guide, listing and detailing all the ways that the heavenly angels may choose to communicate with you. Use this guide to know and recognise when you have received an angelic sign showing you the presence of a divine angel near you, helping, supporting, reassuring, comforting, guiding, shielding and protecting you. Angels will always be ready and willing to answer your requests through their radiance, grace and love of mankind, to change your life for the better.

Understand Angels, Their Mission, Guidance and Connection With You

Angels are always ready and willing to help you. Learn how to communicate with the angelic realm and understand the immense wisdom of angels for help, support, healing, guidance and protection. Embrace your spiritual awareness to let the eternal powerful love of the angels guide you along your true life's path towards light and enlightenment and change your life for the better. Get to know these wonderful heavenly beings, your Guardian Angel, the Archangels and which angels to connect with. Recognise the signs and acknowledge the presence of divine angels in your life. Angels are waiting for you to discover the beauty and magnificence of angelic connection with them. Their grace, splendour and love is radiant to all who search it.

Shapes and Symbols of Sacred Geometry, A Pocket Reference Book

This little book is designed to be an easy guide that provides you with somewhere to refer to the most common various examples of sacred geometry. It outlines these beautiful entrancing patterns that we find ourselves so drawn to, and details the nature of their meanings, powers and mystical possibilities according to cultures across the world. From simple shapes to complicated patterns, these wonderful examples of sacred geometry inspire and evolve into patterns that weave through the fabric of our entire universe, our reality, and beyond.

Sacred Geometry Book of History, Meanings and Hoe to Create Them

Why is it that we are so drawn to and enticed by sacred geometry? They start with simple mathematical shapes, that combine to create elaborate illustrations of such beauty and elegance that we marvel at them. Beliefs, religious, spiritual and cultural, have been historically attached to them. The specific design and creation of each individual sacred geometric pattern is thought, among many cultures, not only to demonstrate an understanding of specific universal concepts, but to hold powers of mystical possibilities. The aim of this book is to provide a brief basic understanding of the history, creation and meanings of sacred geometry for those who are new to the subject, and to open an insight into the beliefs placed upon them with the hope that it will inspire the reader’s interest and imagination and urge them towards further research. Enjoy learning how such simple shapes can evolve into inspiring and powerful patterns that weave through the fabric of our entire universe and reality.

Easy Spells, Charms and Potions to Attract Money, Love and Happiness!

Everyone has the power to tap into the magic needed to attract money, love and happiness. Use the easy to cast spells, charms and potions within this book to improve your life and be amazed by the power you will be able to command and direct. There is also indexes of the Gods and Goddesses, magic herbs, colours, and crystals which can influence and add potency to your spells. Cast spells to: Attract Love, Attract Friendship, Mend a Broken Relationship, Find a Lost Item, Attract Money, Attract Wealth, Get a Job, Achieve Work Promotion, Keep Safe on a Journey, Create a Good Outcome on a Deal, Send Happiness, Get Back in Touch with a Long-Lost Friend, Get Back in Touch with a Past Lover, Make your House Calm, Increase your Creativity, Improve a Specific Skill, Choose a Colour, Make the Right Decision, Raise your Motivation, Make a Project Become a Success, Choose a Season, Choose a Month, Improve Sleep, Banish Nightmares, Detect a truth or lie, And enjoy your spell casting success.

Quotes Of Confucius And Their Interpretations

This fascinating collection of 120 Confucius quotes and their interpretations relating to the modern world gives valuable insight into the wisdom of the man himself, as well as providing a system for living a virtuous life that can be achieved by anyone. Confucius (551 - 479 BC) was a Chinese politician and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn time period. He is known for his words of wisdom on subjects involving morality, correctness, justice and sincerity. The thoughts of Confucius have influenced societies and their leaders for over two thousand years, and they are just as relevant today as they ever were. "Study the past, if you would define the future" - Confucius

Quotes Of Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) was born and raised in a Hindu family in Western India. The honorific title 'Mahatma', meaning 'great-souled' and 'venerable', was applied to him in 1914. Mahatma Gandhi became an Indian lawyer, and was an anti-colonialist and political ethicist. He led a nonviolent resistance movement, successfully campaigning for India's independence from British Rule. As a result, he inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. In 1921, he adopted the loin cloth, with a shawl to wear in the winter to identify with the poor of India. Known for his campaigns to ease poverty, expand women's rights, building bridges across races and religions and peacefully achieving Swaraj ('self-rule'), he earned worldwide respect and admiration. Revered for his wisdom, this extensive collection of over 400 quotes made by the great man during his lifetime inspires, endures and evokes a depth of insight that few great men can match.

Dragon Legends Of Old England

There are many references to be found in old English history, of dangerous dragons and heroic knights, saving maidens and villagers from death and destruction. These ancient folklores and legends are drawn from across the length and breadth of the country. The fascinating descriptions of each of these ferocious animals are truly startling from their curious and terrifying appearances, to their inherent, and sometimes magical abilities. They are among the first of the ancient mythical creatures and are often referred to as beasts, monsters, demons and serpents. Such enchanting tales have been passed down over thousands of years, depicted in cave paintings, rock art, manuscripts, documents, paintings and sculptures, and preserved for the wonderment of all. Some tales have much detail and evidence attached to them, whereas for some, the details are scarce. Enjoy this comprehensive captivating catalogue of fascinating dragon legends of old England.

Dragon Legends Of Olde England, A Pocket Reference Book

Dragons are real! And here's the proof! Evidence of dangerous dragons taking flight and breathing fire, and heroic knights, saving virtuous maidens and terrified villagers from death and destruction is plenty in England when you dig deep. This pocket reference book details these ancient folklores found in abundance in the old counties of England. Descriptions of each of these legendary animals are truly startling from their curious and ferocious appearances, to their inherent, and sometimes magical abilities. They are among the first of the ancient mythical creatures and are regarded with fascinating awe. Their tales continue to inspire generations.

The 72 Demon Sigils, Seals and Symbols of the Lesser Key of Solomon, a Pocket Reference Book

The 72 Demon Sigils, Seals and Symbols of the Lesser Key of Solomon is a unique and comprehensive reference book, detailing magical symbols and seals relating to King Solomon, and the sigils of each of the 72 demons, in rank order, with their individual descriptions and powers, presented in a simple, easy to read manner, perfect for those new to the subject. Discover the ornate seals and magical properties of the symbols believed over the years to provide power to those who understand how to use them to conjure and command demons.