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Childrens Books

Goats, Kids and Naughty Children! The Legend of the Old Goat

Little Harry was bored of shopping with his Mum, until he met a mysterious old woman who told him of the curious legend of the Old Goat. But was it true? This cute little tale will inevitably inspire children and definitely resonate with parents. Suitable for ages 3 - 8.

Poems for Bedtime

This beautiful little poetry book aimed at young children is filled with poems of magic fish, funny animals, dancing fairies, wishing stars, feelings, nature, food, families, friends and so much more. It is designed to encourage the development of language skills and love of reading. Let their imagination transport them to a magical world within their dreams.

Ethan and the Magic Hat

Join Ethan on his fantastic adventure after he finds a magic hat which takes him away to a wonderful land of talking animals. Meet his friends, Panda Pete, Humphrey the Donkey, and Jackie the Seagull. Written in rhymes, this delightful book sparks a child's imagination and encourages reading. Suitable for ages 5 - 11.

Jack and the Friendly Aliens

Join Jack on his amazing adventure with the friendly alien, Zim Zam, who he meets in his back garden one Sunday afternoon. Cleverly written in rhymes, this cute exciting book encourages reading and development of a childs imagination. Suitable for ages 5-11.

The Awesome Little Pocket Book of Wonderful Word Searches

Word searches have so many wonderful benefits. For a child, they increase knowledge, vocabulary, spelling and confidence. For an adult, they keep the brain exercised and the mind relaxed. Whether you're treating the children, planning to travel, or simply planning a few relaxing afternoons, everyone will benefit from, and enjoy this awesome little pocket book of wonderful word searches. Perfect to keep the kids happy, and to pack as an extra little activity for travel and holidays.